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Stop getting Jeered for your Boring Beard

We pioneered the weird beard fashion statement for a debonair style that will have you highly REVERED.
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Beards Engineered to Persevere...d

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The Weird Beard Bar opens April 1st, 2020!

Like most people, you've probably grown a beard because you're not blessed with a chiseled chinline and dashing good looks. So, you've grown a beard to distract from your oversized sniffer and other facial imperfections, but now everyone seems to have a beard...

It's time to veer off-track. Don't get it sheared, don't fear the weird - just commandeer your beard and steer clear of jeers. Your confidence may have disappeared, but our beard engineers will make it reappear.

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Weird Beard Gear: Cashiered.

Every accessory we use at the Weird Beard Bar is available for purchase so you can make your own at-home weird beard creations:
Bow ties and hankerchiefs

Beard Dye w/ Templates

Flower Seeds and Microgreens

Solar-powered Holiday LIghts *

*Hannukah candles available if you sign our Burned Beard fire disclosure statement.

Want to Peer Some Beards?

Weird Beard Designs at every price tier


Weird Beard Success Stories

"I can't believe I have waited this long to weird-ify my beard. I've had a full beard since I was 10 years old and I never once thought I should adorn it. The Weird Beard Bar helped bring my personality out to my face so everyone knows who I am the moment I step in a room!"

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